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Our Services

On top of offering refinishing and installation services for Hardwood Floors we also offer remodeling work as well with work including full kitchens, bathrooms, basements and complete additions.

Dust Free Sanding

We use the Oneida Vac Floor Sanding Dust Containment System for virtually dustless floor sanding.The nightmare of having to clean up dust for weeks after you've had your floors done and exposing your family to this toxic mixture is over!

  • Protects your health and property!
  • No residual toxic dust for you to clean after we've gone!
  • Higher quality finish due to the absence of airborne dust!

We Eliminate Up to 99% of the Airborne Dust

The federal government has added wood dust to its list of know human carcinogens and surprisingly, old wood varnishes can contain as much lead as old paint! If necessary precautions aren't taken and adequate dust collection isn't used, this toxic dust can linger for months on surfaces in your home! Every time this dust gets stirred up, you and your family are re-exposed to these dangers! Unlike bag collectors, Oneida's patented, new technology can eliminate up to 99% of the airborne dust created from floor sanding operations!

Protecting You & Your Family

That means we are protecting your health and property. Beside the obvious health benefits, anyone who has experienced the nightmare of trying to clean up the wood dust caused by having your floors sanded will doubly appreciate the virtually dust-free sanding we offer.